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Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Jolly Chunky bag of my own

Hello all :)

Recently I have been crocheting up a storm as I have been working on new patterns for my shop, xYoopx, and also trying to build up some stock.
Although I do so enjoy making up my own patterns, there is definitely something to be said for following someone-else's pattern too. To day my latest creation was made using a pattern from Attic24. Her blog is LOVELY so you should totally go and check it out. :) The pattern is Jolly Chunky Bag.

So I went out and bought my yarn for this on Friday. I decided to use acrylic yarn as I was not sure how it was going to turn out and I didn't want to spend too much money on something I wasn't going to use. I also decided to change the colours a little-bit to suit me. I still kept the colours in the same order as Lucy, but instead of dark blue I used dark purple (my friends all know my obsession with purple), and instead of medium blue I used a lilac type colour, instead of yellow I used a light green.

I started the base on Friday evening.
On Saturday my man had a hockey tournament so I went to go an support him. For the times when he was not playing I worked on my bag. I finished all but two rows of the actually body of the bag during that time. While I was working a couple of people commented that they had not seen anyone crocheting in a long time. I am always pleased when people say crocheting instead of knitting... because I get that a lot. I also had a couple of people asking me if I sell my work, and a few people asking if I was making a beanie, they were very disappointed that it was a bag not a beanie. At home again I finished the body and started the straps.
To day I finished the straps, made the flowers and leaves and sewed it all together. It was a lovely morning/afternoon. My sister was doing some hand sewing and I was doing my crochet so we got a picnic blanket and sat outside in the sun while we worked. It really was lovely.

And here are some closeups. It was me taking photos here, not my sister, so they are not very good. I was just playing around with the manual focus as you can see. I think that the photos are a bit over exposed.

If you are considering using the pattern I do strongly recommend it. The instructions were easy to follow, plus she tells you how to convert between UK and US stitches. And the bag has turned out wonderfully. I really love it and I am going to be using it as my yarn project bag. Just looking at the bright stripy colours makes me excited.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post.
Keep drinking tea,


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    1. Thank you! :)
      I checked out your blog a bit, I like it too.