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Friday, 19 September 2014

What is happening when I don't post...

I haven't posted for quite a while and I found myself asking myself why? Life has interesting twists and turns. Just as Diella and I still enjoy each others company - drink tea; share stories, and do things together - I have been sharing my time with my mother who is going to be 83 years old next month.

Today Diella and I took her out for lunch and she shared with us about her memories of growing up with creative people around her - parents, aunts and uncles. It is an enriching  experience listening to older people, like a mother or grand parent, telling their stories, and experiences that contribute to their wisdom.

It is wonderful to be able to share and connect. If you would like to find out more about your grand parents or parents you could ask them things like:  

Where did you go on holiday?

What did your family like doing together?

Were they creative, sporty, practical, intellectual?

Were they spiritual?

What were the fun things they enjoyed?

You could also let us know of questions you might think of asking.

I have had a great time exploring interests too, over the last four months. Things like learning to play the guitar, taking water colour lessons and writing a story. Life is like a string of beads that continues - whether we acknowledge it or share it or whether we do not - it will continue - and it is better shared.

A warm smile,

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