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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Blogful of Beanies!


Okay so yesterday I was looking over my posts and I noticed that I often start with "Hello again" so today it is just Hi.

Last week and part of this week I have been working on ribbed beanies for my stall in March. In total I want to have ten ribbed beanies to sell. At the moment I have made five. They actually take quite a long time to make. It is about 4 hours if I just sat down and focused really hard. But considering I take time to make tea and do some house chores and answer the phone and have lunch it lands up taking me a whole day to make one. (in case you were wondering I charge as though it were four hours. I timed it the first time and I made it without stopping.)

I am so tired of making these beanies that I am going to change to making some of the other stuff before I make the next five.
Here are some photos that my sister took for me. I even got my other half to help me model them.

Blue Beanie without PomPom

Pink Beanie with Pompom

Red Beanie with Pompom
Blue beanie without Pompom, not folded

Blue beanie without Pompom, folded
all 5 beanies, although two still need sewing up.

As you can see the beanies are quite stretchy due to the ribbed stitch. There is only one blue beanie and I can wear it and I have a small head (I choose my glasses from the children's range) and my man has a large head. He struggles to find hats that fit him and as a consequence gets sunburned on his face quite often.

I hope you enjoyed the little peak into my life,
Keep Drinking Tea,

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