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Friday, 13 February 2015

Our emotions and feelings…

Emotions are strong feelings or moods that come from responses within. You will notice that you experience them when interacting with other people, observing things around you or even when you are alone with your thoughts or memories. You observe and experience the world through your five senses:  sight, taste, smell and hearing. You also experience feelings as physical reactions and responses within your body which helps you know what you are feeling emotionally, for example: pain in the tummy for stress, smiles for happiness, scowls for grumpiness, tight throat when you feel unable to express something, headache when you’re concentrating etc.

As an artistic person I find myself experiencing life through a kaleidoscope of emotions. We all have been given the message in life, from time to time, that emotions are to be hidden or stifled. We're told to: Stop crying… don’t laugh too much… it’s not good to feel sad… anger is bad… and we quickly learn that talking about our weaknesses exposes us to shame …    etc. Emotions are not wrong or bad or (make you a weird person). How, when and to whom you express emotions is the key to a positively fulfilled experience and expression of emotions. In the next few posts Diella and I would like to share more specifically about this.

It often happens, as with myself, that you choose not to show your emotions or feel them for varying reasons. You stuff them down and hide them until you are numb to the feelings and eventually aren’t at all sure what you feel. It eventually becomes a pattern. I have found that the more I admit and accept my emotions the more I experience life and I feel deeply satisfied in all the things I do. Admitting and accepting feelings are a bit like holding a fragile butterfly or containing a hurt animal. You need to be gentle but firm but it doesn't give you license for hurting others or yourself. Accepting your emotions will help you become more in charge of them; and you can put them to good use as I will explain in each post. 

Some areas in which you could expect to see a difference is: being more authentic, honest; brave, bold, courageous; having more positive energy to accomplish things and creativity is enhanced; relationships are improved and grow etc.  

We are looking forward to sharing about specific emotions in future posts and hope it will be thought provoking.

A warm smile,

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