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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

"M" is for Me

Hello Everyone,

I am the "Me" in the title, and Morag is my mother. My name is Diella. Don't worry if you have never heard of that name before or if you don't know how to pronounce it. Most people feel that way when they first meet me. Heehee. I pronounce my name Dee-ye-la.

Since this is a two person blog I thought that it might be appropriate for me to introduce myself and tell you a little about me.

At the moment I am a student, I am actually in my final year of my degree. I am doing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English Literature and Classical studies (Ancient History). I love my degree and I love the things that I am learning. I wish that I could study for ever!

I have a boyfriend. I shall call him Sheep... to protect his privacy. Heehee. A couple of years ago he grew his hair really long. It was a mass of curly blonde ringlets and everyone said, "Ooh he looks like a lion!" and I said, "Psh, no he's a cute little sheep." And it kind of stuck for me. So he is my Sheep. ^_^ We have been dating for about 7-8 years. Our anniversary is in July.  

One day I want to live in Scotland, although since I have family in England that will do too.
I want to have many many cats! (I have one at the moment)
I want to get tattoo's, I just need to convince my significant other on this.
I want to sell my art.
I want to live in a HUGE house with all my friends and family with me. 

Happy, friendly, silly, serious about important things, responsible, fun loving, anxious about everything. I also care deeply about my friends and I would do almost anything for them!

Painting, knitting, sewing, crocheting, tatting, drawing, walking, reading, dancing, modeling.

Nail polish, black, purple, pink, cats, Scotti dogs, books, fires, rain, cold weather, friends, family, cuddles, leopard print, vegetarianism, coffee, Rooibos tea, make up, dancing, good music, mountains, tattoos, piercings.   

Spiders, being alone, meat, animal cruelty, the sun, deadlines (they make me stressed), fighting, shouting, hangovers, Ceylon tea.

Keep Drinking Tea,



  1. I got the pronounciation of your name right *whoops*. I read it how I thought it was pronounced, and then when you wrote your name phonetically I checked and my pronunciation was right.
    I've added you to my Google circle. Please check out my blog and if you like what you see, add me back xx

    1. Hehe that's cool. :)
      Thank you, I will do.

  2. Lovel post :)
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin? It would be great, just let me know :)


    1. Thank you :)
      I have never used bloglovin, I will check it out. :)