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Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hello everyone,

I’m the “mother” in the title and as Diella said Morag is my name. You can read more about me in my profile but I would like to focus on “mother” and what that means to me. In the ideal world a mother is love, she is life, she is kindness, she is wisdom, gentleness and she is ‘firm boundaries’. There are times in our lives when she reads to us, shares her knowledge, forgives us and asks for forgiveness.  She celebrates our achievements and encourages us to work towards our goals and innermost desires.

As 'Mother' is not of the ideal making but rather very human she can be a lot of other things too. I’m sure you know what I mean. She may not be a fairy god-mother but hopefully she still has good things as well as not to good things within her ‘template’ that she can share with us.

She is like a road map for our physical being, because of our inherited genes; we often grow up with similar physical or hormonal issues. Your mother brought you up in her culture which might not have been ideal for you or her. She also has things that are different to us. She might not acknowledge it. She might even want you to be the same as her or think you are the same when you know you are not. All the same there is a wealth of experience and knowledge that we can draw upon. 

What was your mother like?

What has your mother already shared with you?

What were her hopes for you? If her hopes did not resonate with you what are your hopes and dreams for yourself? 

How are you similar to her? And how are you different to her?

We are individuals and need to journey on our separate paths. As fellow travellers, mother and daughter can support each other and learn from each other. Separateness is healthy and so is togetherness; it is finding the balance that is the trick. ‘Tea with Mother and Me’ is part of the journey that Diella and I take to find the balance.

Keep pondering while you drink your tea,
A warm smile,

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