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Monday, 7 April 2014

“What is your most embarrassing moment?”

When I was young I was keen to impress and easily got embarrassed, but now its a different story, now that I am in my fifties I'm hopefully more relaxed about life and don't get so embarrassed. While I was still at school I would catch a school bus back home. There was a boy the same age as me who was really HOT and clever. He had an amazing body and whatever he dressed in just made him look good. I use to think of him as Mr Perfect and whenever he walked past me I would feel like I couldn’t breathe. Nothing ever happened. I was too shy and he never really noticed me.

After I left school I soon got my driver’s license. On one particularly rainy day while I was waiting at a cross-section I realized that I had pulled too far out into the road. I was obstructing the path of a car that wanted to turn into my road. So without looking in my rear-view mirror (my back window was thoroughly misted up, so visibility was nil) I began to reverse. As I did I hit the car behind me. If this wasn’t bad enough when I got out my car to assess the damage I was met with Mr Perfect! Oh yes I did feel faint just looking at him but I also felt like such a fool. Not the ideal way of bumping into him! He was driving his father’s Mercedes which made matters more complicated. I gave him my details. Not really the ideal opportunity I’d been dreaming of. I can’t say that I was sad that he never phoned me; under the circumstances, I was relieved.  

Now I’m sure you have embarrassing moments too; in time they fade. They become part of the fabric that makes up your life; adding richness and depth to you as a person.  

Keep pondering while you drink your tea,
A warm smile,

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