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Saturday, 5 April 2014

“The ritual of having tea”

Rituals are important. Although used in religions it doesn’t only apply to a religious way of life.
They create structure with boundaries that shape your day. This provides a certain security in knowing your day will run smoothly. Rituals also create space for you to be mindful of things that are important to you. It gives you permission to take the time to be quiet and alone with yourself; for being mindful and deeply aware.   

The value of ritual is important to my whole way of life and there are many. One example is: - regularly taking a moment to be aware of time and space, of myself and other, of inner and outer, of the world at large, of God pulsing through us. I think ritual is not so much about religion but about the habit of awareness.

Rituals foster an expectation. One such ritual we have in our home is tea drinking. My family knows that tea drinking on my double bed means it’s time for deep, meaningful and private conversations. Just as I know that if I’m invited to have tea with one of my family members on my bed we are could be about to enter a more vulnerable and intimate zone. 

What does it mean to you when one of your friends asks you: “let’s go for tea/coffee”?
Is it a casual connection or reconnection; a time to build a relationship; or a time to talk about study assignments or business ideas, etc.?  Normally you would know what is expected by the invite.
Being more aware of how others are asking to connect with you can help you in developing relationships. Awareness brings clarity and insight as well as powerful intentions.

How can you create rituals of awareness in your life?

Keep pondering while you drink your tea,
A warm smile,

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