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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My thoughts on piercings: Outward expression of an inner beauty

How we express our inner beauty by adorning ourselves is, to be honest, all about the learning experience. We are quite liable to change our minds many times through our life time. And it is my belief that we should be free to change. That is what keeps things interesting. All of this is quite personal – as personal as the choice of wearing make-up or jewelry.

Times have changed since I was young and with it so has fashion, culture and customs.  As I am ‘arty’ by nature I like multiple ear-piercings but I try to keep my opinions to myself when I help others to make choices for themselves. I’m aware that we all have differing opinions and I like to encourage and cultivate my daughters’ independent opinions and values.   I did limit Diella to a couple of ear piercing at first because I felt that as a young teenager you don’t always have the life experience and the ability to make wise choices. I also felt:  what’s the rush, we have our whole life ahead of us to try out things?”  

My attitude is: So long as it is not fatally harmful or irreversible then I should allow the teen to make up their own minds by exercising their intellects. Quite frankly there are much worse things to worry about than their self-expression. Helping and supporting them make up their own mind and take responsibility for the consequences is also an important part of allowing them freedom. (I will discuss more about this in my next post.) 

Diella’s words: “To be honest I feel that usually people do not really know what they want to do for the rest of their lives until they are out of school for some time…” “If I had children I would allow/encourage them to get ear lobe piercings if they wanted. Even while they were at school, since most schools allow a certain number of lobe piercings. Then I would probably encourage them to wait until they had left school and had more clue of what they wanted to do in the future, for them to get more esoteric piercings which are visible” well express what I have believed all along.

Keep pondering while you drink your tea,
A warm smile,

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